Who We Are

the founders and distillers

Pictured left to right: Chris Sarpy, Alex Toomy, Russell Nance

Founded in 2010, Ragged Branch was born of Alex Toomy’s desire to establish a bourbon distillery in the Ragged Mountains outside Charlottesville, Virginia with his friends and colleagues, Chris Sarpy and Russell Nance. Wanting to learn from the best, the partners consulted with bourbon artisan Dave Pickerell, who taught them the time-honored, old-school methods of producing straight bourbon whiskey. From the beginning, Ragged Branch has been committed to crafting the finest, authentic Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey with no short-cuts.

Ragged Branch has not purchased alcohol from other distillers nor has it sold un-aged spirits. Each bottle of Ragged Branch Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey was painstakingly distilled and patiently aged at Ragged Branch. This commitment to tradition, patience, excellence, and locality is reflected in the smooth, full flavor of Ragged Branch Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Production Crew:  Sawyer Messer, Joshua Toomy,
Chris Coggin and Armando Calderon

Brand Ambassador: Chrissy Nance