” The Ragged Branch family is sad to announce the passing of our master distiller Dave Pickerell. Dave was an integral part of making the distillery what it is today. We were so happy to have the chance to meet and enjoy Dave and his larger than life personality. We’ll miss him.”

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The Ragged Branch mission is all about creating excellent, independently handcrafted bourbon while adhering to the time honored traditions and distillation processes of bourbon artisan Dave Pickerell. Beginning with locally grown crops, we produce a rich mash that we carefully distill and age, resulting in a smooth, full flavor. The remaining mash feeds our cattle, which shapes the robust character of our Ragged Branch Bourbon Beef. Every aspect of our process reflects conscientious stewardship of the land and our firm commitment to creating a true taste of the commonwealth.

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Ragged Branch Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a passion for us. We use only locally sourced, sustainable crops to craft our authentic style Bourbon Whiskey. Currently, we offer Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey-Wheated and Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey-Rye.

In addition to spirits, we also offer Ragged Branch Bourbon Beef.

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Our tasting room, located on a knoll overlooking the distillery and rickhouse, offers sweeping, panoramic views of the rolling Ragged Mountains of Central Virginia. Guests can sample our Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, either Wheated or Rye, and our signature cocktails, while enjoying a seat by the fire in the tasting room or the breathtaking scene from the covered porch and expansive terrace.

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